Flutter Firebase Festival

Pooja Bhaumik

Developer Advocate at FlutterFlow | GDE (Flutter)


Building a Language Learning Game with FlutterFlow and Firebase

26/09/2023 Carnevale

Welcome to our interactive workshop! In this workshop, we explore FlutterFlow, a low-code tool built with Flutter that allows you to build Flutter apps visually, reducing the time taken to get your app to market. We'll be building a language learning game and picking up lots of FlutterFlow knowledge on the way. One of the highlights of FlutterFlow is its inbuilt support for Firebase, which makes integrating our app with Firestore a breeze. We'll work with authentication and storage capabilities of Firebase to enhance the robustness of our app. As developers we want to know what is happening under the hood, and also have the option to implement complex logic and add code customisations which most low-code platforms don't provide. In this workshop, we will give you a sneak peek of the generated Flutter code, and also show you how we can add custom code and make use of pub.dev packages from the community. Given the focus on language, an integral part of our workshop is exploring internationalization in our app. We demonstrate how to tailor your app for a global audience, enhancing its reach and usability. And the best part? We aim to do all of this within a compact two-hour window. Join us and witness how you can swiftly and simply bring a language learning app to life!